Kitchen & Menus

Food and Nutrition

All meals at the Centre are carefully planned to ensure your child has a balanced diet. Our qualified cook prepares all meals. Our four week rotating menu is displayed in the foyer and rooms so you may plan your child's other meals at home. Children are encouraged to try all food provided.

Lunch consists of two courses. Hot or cold - depending on the time of year. Freshly cooked vegetables are prepared daily . Morning and afternoon teas are provided - consisting of fresh fruit, dry biscuits, scones, cheese, vegetables Water and bread is served with each meal and is available throughout the day. Milk drinks are either provided at morning or afternoon tea.

It is your responsibility to notify staff of any food allergies or dietary restrictions which concern your child. Meals are planned to accommodate individual special diets where possible. However, in some cases it may be necessary for you to supply special drink or food. Children are not permitted to bring snacks or lollies to the Centre.

Meal times are positive times for social interaction. Children sit together around a dining room table. Children are encouraged to set the table attractively, serve their own food and clean up afterwards. In fourth term we will encourage our Four Year Old Kindergarten  children to bring a healthy lunch box to kindergarten in preparation for school.