Enrolment & Waiting List

Priority of Access

The Commonwealth Government has determined priority of access guidelines for day care centres.

1st Priority - children at risk

2nd Priority - families in full time or part-time work or study

3rd Priority - families at home with more than one child below school age.


To be made to a Director. Prospective families will be shown through the Centre and briefly given an explanation of the Centre's policies. Families/Guardians will be required to read through the Parent Handbook and if the policies of the Centre are agreed to they will proceed with enrolling their child. If no places are available they will be placed on a waiting list. Families will be given an enrolment package that contains the Parent handbook, a background information sheet, a communication plan, our Privacy Policy and an enrolment form.

Yearly Placements

In October existing families will be offered a place for the following year. In November offers of places will be confirmed for the following year based on guidelines for priority of access.

Enrolling Your Child

Once a position has been accepted, a gradual period of integration and orientation is arranged when possible. An enrolment bond, equivalent to one week's fees, is to be paid at this time.